Business access control

Fast and secure business access control system. For enterprises and institution we offer a stand-alone, isolated system. For small and medium sized businesses we offer an economic cloud-base variant.
Are you looking for professional access control solution for office or leisure facilities? Are you fed up with mechanical keys? Our OfficeControl suit ensures physical access control within your buildings in a fast and reliable manner. You specify the rules and our system enforces the compliance.

What can our access control system offer for small and medium businesses?

  • Permission based, secure access control
  • Searchable and filterable events
  • Assign pictures or IP camera captures to employees. Doors can be opened only if a certain set of users are present and identified, or only consecutively in airlock mode
  • Along with the access control a simple time and guard control can be applied.

What are the advantages of our access control system for small and medium businesses?

Cost efficient, cloud based access control system
Cut back on your IT costs. No additional expenses on IT personnel or server costs, while maintain the high level of security.

All-in-one solution
Permission based, secure access control, time and attendance management, guard control, a truly one stop shop solution.

Strong security features
Entry point security can be further strengthened by fingerprint or other biometric identification. Additionally the access control system can receive signals from fire alarm or other similar systems.

Hardware and software with simplicity and usability in mind
Controllers are available for 1, 2 or 4 doors. Management software is easy to learn, and additional features can be added later on.

What can our corporate access control system offer to enterprises and institutes?

  • Employee identification via access card, password or biometric technology.
  • Ensures employee, equipment and document safety.
  • Assign access permissions to groups or individuals.
  • Define time and zone based access rules.
  • Can be operated in any kind of building regardless of the size or complexity.
  • Access control is done via identification, no need for keys or unnecessary cables.
  • Monitor the movement of employees inside or between buildings.
  • Access control for elevators and parking areas.
  • Integration of external systems via monitoring module.

What are the advantages of the corporate access control for enterprises?

Simple and easy to use interface.
The interface allows quick access to each functions, and provides a quick overview of the entry points on a dynamic floorplan. Automatic reporting and task scheduler.

Check from anywhere and anytime who, when, where and how someone can enter your premises.
Disabling access for the second time, seeing who is present, or setting new rules all via remote access is an option.

Unlimited number of identifiers.
Use it across multiple sites with unlimited number of passwords and user profiles.

Complies with any kind of safety regulation.
Isolated operation to meet the international safety standards.

No additional costs, no burden of big changes.
The access control system can monitor any kind of automatic access control mechanism, and handles various identification and control technology.

Remote diagnostics and assistance.
Our engineers can remotely examine and troubleshoot the access control system.

Our corporate access control system offers solid and secure solution in both isolated and cloud-based versions.

Looking for an affordable access control solution for small and medium business?
Your enterprise or institution is in a need for a highly secure access control system?