Time and attendance management

Versatile and customizable time management solution for your business. It monitors and analyses employee arrival, departure and absence. The systems keeps track of the work hours, time tables, work scheduling, check-in and check-out times, overtimes and absence requests.

Would you like to have valid and accurate data on work hours? Are you looking for a solution to facilitate the work of HR and payroll departments? Would you like to ensure that the overtimes are recorded and calculated correctly? Just leave it to a trusted tool, the Anteus time management system. Just let our trusted time management tool take care all of them for you.

We offer an economic cloud-based solution for small and medium sized businesses, and a stand-alone isolated solution for enterprises and institutions.

What can our versatile time management system do?

Manage every time management related activity on one device:

  • Calculate time worked
  • Manage different work schedules and shifts,
  • Manage meal vouchers and travel expenses,
  • Employee overtime capture and remuneration according to dynamic set of rules,
  • Check the reason of absences and annual leaves
  • Annual leave self-service request
  • Records on sick leave
  • Plan and calculate missions and reimbursement
  • Assign workflows to cost centres

Numberless custom options are available to fit your company’s needs, and turn the collected data into useful information:

  • Different types of working days (ordinary, reduced, winter, summer)
  • Set different options for each work schedule
  • Filter time worked, employee classification, request, absence and leave data by several different criteria’s and types

The size of the company does not matter. Our time management system can handle an unlimited number of buildings, users (password and profile) and time clocks.

To avoid frauds the system can be integrated with biometric identifiers. Check-in and out virtually, in person or via a smartphone.

What are the advantages of introducing time management?

Workforce optimization aided by precise and accurate real-time data
As an employer it is in Your best interest to keep an accurate record on work time and all related information.

Seamless and efficient time management
From data capture to processing and forwarding the whole process can be automated based on pre-defined rules.

Facilitate your work with the versatile time recording system

How can you automate your time management tasks?
Would you like to know what custom solution we can offer for your company?