Ticket Vending and Access Control System

TicketControl - Jegyeladó és beléptető rendszer

TicketControl® Ticket vending and access control system: Unique guest identification and ticket management system

Operating an institute where entry is only allowed after ticket purchase? The entire vending process, from the point of sales to the accounting is strictly supervised, all transactions are traceable and transparent. Among our references you can find spas, beaches, museums, sport facilities and recreational centres.

What is TicketControl® capable of?

Unlimited number of sites, zones, guests, and access types

  • System and access integration across multiple sites
  • Identification via tickets, armbands, cards, watch-shaped devices or mobile phones
  • Barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, NFC identifier technologies
  • Pay stations with cash and bank card processing functions
  • State approved Point-of-sale system
  • Online or offline cabinet locker system
  • Easy integration with our ParkControl pay parking system and time & attendance system
  • Ticket purchase via internet

What are the advantages of TicketControl®?

Controlling your incomes
Cash registers terminals are crucial part of the system, thus we ensure that our products align with the latest taxation and retail regulations. The cashier terminal registers all issued tickets, handles financial reporting and cash register functions such as cash-in drawer, or bank card acceptance.

Profitable investment
By ensuring a trouble-free ticket vending and a safe journey for your money to you,

Wide variety of identifiers, even for advertising purposes
From our range of identifiers we help to find the one that is most suitable for your goals, and wallet. We offer solutions ranging from disposable paper based tickets and watch shaped proximity radio identifiers, to cards with writeable memory. Paper based tickets can be customized with logo, picture or voucher for advertising purposes.

Safe use of lockers and change rooms with tickets and season passes.
Online or offline cabinet locks can be opened and closed with watch identifiers, which can also be used as a virtual wallet. Don’t bother with separate keys. The cabinet lock system can supervise the cabinets so your guests don’t have to worry about their belongings.

Well informed and satisfied guest
Guests can receive comprehensive information via our information terminals about their wallet balance, ticket validity, locker number and the services they are allowed to use. If you are operating a sport centre, gym, medical department, solarium, or beauty salon TicketControl can take care of the booking procedure for you along with sales and inventory management of buffets.

TicketControl® Software system: Be more and more successful

Get new functions with new modules
Different functions can be purchased via individual software modules to fir your needs. Thanks to the stable and closed software version the system is ready to be sold and deployed by resellers.

New demand, new function
At any time a new challenge may rise in the area of ticket vending. We answer these challenges with development.

User friendly and interactive software interface
The keys for creating a successful ticket vending system is to make it easy to understand, and fun to use. Thus we created the colour scheme, the layout and functions with this in mind.

Continuous development
We are eager to get feedbacks from users, operators or resellers, to build those experience in our updates. We offer subscription maintenance service so you can always stay current with the latest software releases.

Leave the ticket vending and access control with TicketControl® System!

How can you make more profit and satisfy your guests with ticket vending?