Integrated security system

Intuitive interface that processes the information sent by alarm and security systems installed in the facility. Offering an exceptional security solution when extended with high-resolution CCTV recording module.

Would you like to enhance the security of your facility? Looking for a solution to improve efficiency of the security personnel? Alarm monitoring is a great tool to provide a quick overview on the ongoing events, thus helping the security personnel to always make the right decision in tough situations.

How does alarm monitoring enhance the security of your facility?

  • Simultaneously displays a detailed list of all alarms on the graphical representation of a dynamic floorplan.
  • Quickly respond to any security threat with pre-defined actions or send instructions via SMS or email.
  • Integrate various, independently functioning security systems. For example: Camra, fire alarm and sound system.
  • Security personnel is not only be immediately notified about any security event, but also able to remotely intervene with appropriate permissions. For example open or close doors selected from the interactive floorplan.
  • The visitor management module enables efficient supervision of both planned and unplanned visits.

How does the camera module make security complete?

  • Easily manage cameras on the dynamic floorplan: Switch and position cameras, watch live or recordings, start capture on security events.
  • Optional daytime, night vision or thermal cameras with infrared lighting
  • Enables staff to analyze footage based on several different criteria
  • Interface option for 3rd party image capture systems.

What are the advantages of our integrated security sytem?

Comprehensive security for your facility
Display and monitor all your facility management systems (access control, parking and visitor management) on one single interface

Real-time visual status report
With the help of real time data, security personnel can give the best possible response to different situations.

You are in total control
In addition to specifying instructions, alarm confirmation can be set to require multi-level approval. Every action of the security staff is logged by the system, which sends an event notification to you via SMS or email.

Our system can always show something new for increasing the security of your facility
It’s felxible, can be modulary extended either with later additions with new functions, like monitoring guard tours on real time maps.

Alarm monitoring with graphical interface and video surveillance that is modern facility management!

How can you make your office or institute safe?
How can you facilitate efficient work of the security staff?