ParkControl® Payparking System

ParkControl - Fizető-parkoló rendszer

ParkControl® integrated pay parking system:  Offering unmanned pay-stations, ticket dispenser and manager stations, season ticket management, SMS payment, and smartphone application.

Are you operating a parking lot or an office building? Need to take care of hotel guest parking? Looking for a solution to ensure convenient parking experience at a shopping centre or institution? Our integrated pay parking system is a reliable tool to manage parking lots. We are proud to have we have office buildings, outdoor parking lots, parking garages, hotels, shopping centres, sport facilities, and leisure centres among our satisfied customers.

Fizető parkoló rendszer – Parkoló, parkolóház, mélygarázs gépjármű beléptetés, beléptető eszközök

Legyen szó közintézményről, lakóparkról, belvárosi mélygarázsról, vagy szórakoztató, esetleg fürdő létesítményről, közös jellemzőjük, hogy állandó, vagy eseti látogatóik jelentős számban közlekednek gépkocsival, melyet el kívánnak helyezni minél egyszerűbb, kényelmesebb, és lehetőség szerint kedvező költségek mellett. A vendégek, és az üzemeltetés együttes érdekeit szem előtt tartva nyújt kielégítő megoldást a feladatra a ParkControl® rendszer. A ParkControl® rendszer testre szabható, egyedi igényeket is kielégítő fizetőparkoló megoldás, amely fizető-automatái által alkalmas személyzet nélküli fizettetésre, illetve személyzetet igénylő APEH engedélyes pénztári terminálok használatára is.

Fizető-parkoló rendszer – Integráció, együttműködés

A ParkControl fizető-parkoló rendszer összeilleszthető a személyi beléptető, és jegyértékesítő megoldásokkal, mint az IDtech vállalati beléptető rendszer, és a TicketControl® jegyértékesítő-, és személyi beléptető rendszer.

What can ParkControl do?

  • Securely manage unlimited number of parking places
  • Identify tickets, season passes and vehicles too
  • Manage different parking rates simultaneously for different vehicle types
  • Pay-station accepts cash and bank card
  • Cashier module can handle all types of financial management task
  • Cashless payment solution for smooth operation
  • More options available when integrated with our other systems.

What are the advantages of ParkControl?

Controlling your incomes
Receive information on the available parking places and the incomes. A state approved cashier machine is part of the product that issues receipts, invoices and keeps track of the accounts.

Quick return of investment
Keep track of the money from the parking lot to the cash machines and book keeping. The whole income will go straight to you, thus your investment will return faster.

Easier  parking space management
How many parking places are really free? How many can be rented? Renting requires accurate data. ParkControl makes the available parking places visible to you at a glance. Check the free capacity on the modern graphical interface that looks just like your floorplan.

Having different identification options is a rewarding gesture.
Guests may enter and leave the parking area with unique, barcode based, inexpensive and disposable tickets.  Parking tenants and workers can be supplied with permanent, card or keychain shaped RFID identifiers. Alternatively mobile phones and number plates can also serve as means of identification.

Give discounts to guests and tenants
Show customers your appreciation by giving discounts. A ticket validation terminal is part of the product that can grant time proportional or full discounts. The terminal can also keep track of how much an office tenant contribute to their visitors parking costs.

Secure pay terminals that fit your needs
The most commonly chosen version can accept 6 different types of coins, banknotes and bank cards, and issue receipt. Terminals that can return changes in coins and banknotes are also very popular. These stations require very little remote monitoring and can be installed outdoors.

Nothing to worry about
Maybe there is for drivers when there is no free parking place. Yet there is a solution to temporarily free up rented parking places for guests.

Be assured that each and every parking fee is collected based on the time spent in the parking lot. The possibility of errors, misunderstandings, guest and employee frauds are eliminated from our system.

How can we make parking more pleasant to your customers?

Convenient identification process
Let it be a tenant or guest, the identification process is done quickly via ticket, season pass, mobile or number plate.

Practical payment methods
Payment can be done at Pay-stations (coin, banknote bankcard and contactless payment options), via mobile phone or at the cashier.

Easy to navigate
Is there a free place? Check before entering the parking lot on the one or two sided signage that indicates available places. An indicator above each parking place is there to show to free spots.

ParkControl software system: Like adding premium features to your car

Choose the modules you need
Customise your system by purchasing the software modules to fit your needs. Thanks to the stable and closed software version the system is ready to be sold and deployed by resellers.

New demand, new function
Are the majority of your guests using daily tickets? Do you have to grant access to tenants using number plate recognition? The system can be adapted with custom developed modules to meet the needs of almost any kinds of buildings or institutions.

User friendly and interactive software interface
We created the colour scheme, the layout and functions with ergonomy and customization options in mind.

More and more functions with every update
We offer subscription maintenance service so you can always stay current with the latest software releases. These new versions are built upon the feedbacks we receive from operators and users.

Ensure smooth parking experience with our payparking system!

Would you like to know how our system can manage your parking lot trouble-free? Care to know how our software could be adapted to your unique requirements?

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