Vehicle access control

Sorompók - Jármű beléptetés
Rising arm barriers

Available in many versions to satisfy different purposes. From light-duty, cheaper variants and high-duty barriers fit for busy vehicle entrances and parking system and units designed for extra high-duty operation. Problem-free deployment of rapid, industry standard barriers with extra-long arm that can withstand high workload can be installed easily.

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Simple road bollards

Road bollard is a solid column that can be lowered to the ground or raised to block traffic using an electrohydraulic or electro-pneumatic actuator. Generally it is used to control traffic at public areas, but it can serve other purposes.  The retractable bollards can prevent unauthorized vehicle access and parking, control parking policy, traffic at various events, and scheduled to block or allow traffic during specific time period.

Biztonsági útakadály - Jármű beléptetés
Safety road blockers

Where a simple road bollard is not enough a wide rising road blocker is required. Along with the traffic blocking capabilities it protect facilities. Available in many variants from corporate purposes to heavy-duty anti-terrorist solutions.