New product in the the Enter 600 family: High-tech one arm turnstile

We are proudly to present our new and innovative access control device the Enter601. The operating principle is brand new on the market and its class. Why is it innovative? Our new one arm turnstile is remarkably durable and reliable. Its high-tech mechanism comes in a state of the art appearance. The new member of the Enter 600 family is elegantly performs access control tasks with one, motor driven arm. Customers, similarly to the other members of the Enter 600 product family, can choose from many useful custom options.

The new one arm comes with emergency functions, and can be equipped with card and identifier collector.

An ideal and reliable solution to control the access for industrial areas, sport and other events, visitor spaces or restrooms. Suitable for every location where the entry is allowed only after ticket purchase, but there are no ticket selling points. Optionally the equipment can print a coupon or ticket that can be redeemed later on.