OfficeControl Time, a new and improved version of time management system, has been launched

Time management systems can successfully optimize workflows, however they often require extensive training, practice and additional time consuming administration work. The goal of our newly developed solution was to solve these problems.  We successfully developed a time management system that the employees and the administrators can use easily, nearly without training.

The new OfficeControl system successfully matched our goals. One of our primary aims was to develop a system that can be deployed everywhere, regardless of the size of the organization. Thus our system can satisfy the needs of enterprises with multiple sites and complex work schedules but also suitable for small and medium sized businesses. The result is a professional and efficient product that is available in different versions for different industry segments. In all versions the administration can be done on a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone as the application is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Linux. Time clock terminals equipped with touchscreens makes it easy to manage check-ins, absences and leave requests.

Enterprises with high security standards can use OfficeControl as an isolated system. For small and medium businesses we offer the system as a cloud based, cost-efficient service.

The cloud based solution offers various advantages as the employee data and permissions can be managed remotely with any supported device. Furthermore with the cloud based solution you can save on IT support resource and infrastructure costs like server running, storage and regular backup.

Both versions were created to comply with high security standards. Outstanding protection of the cloud based systems are guaranteed by off-site servers and end-points, while remaining flexible and user friendly. For enterprises, institutions and service providers (public and private sector) we offer a solution that can be installed and operated locally, isolated from any external systems. This variant complies with strict and complex safety regulations.