With the new TicketControl Mobile and ParkControl ticket vending and pay parking system goes mobile

Our ticket vending (TicketControl©) and pay parking system (ParkControl©) are now available on smartphones and industrial mobile devices.

The advantage of the system is that there is no need for new hardware or additional cabling. End-users can securely access all the permitted ticket vending and parking related functions on their mobile phone, by using their username and password.

Interacting with our ticket vending system is now even easier with our new TicketControl Mobile application. The software can verify, confirm and grant access to the secured area. User can check their locker number, services they have played for, and the balance of their virtual wallet. The system makes manual entry and entrant verification a breeze.

ParkControl Mobil also makes manual entry and entrant verification easy. Free parking can be granted in a cost-effective manner as you can easily credit a certain amount of time or sum to your guests’ account. This provides a great opportunity for cinemas, theatres, gyms, stores and museums to increase the loyalty of their guests and customers.

In enterprise environment our application has a huge impact on increasing customer and guest satisfaction.  Tenants can absorb the parking costs of their guests and pay directly to the operator.

Our new application is a convenient solution for our customers as it does not require additional cabling, new servers or terminals. The software can be installed on industrial mobile devices equipped with QR code and RFID reader, or on regular camera-enabled smartphones.